Day 3: Do you have any other WIPs (works in progress)?

I have a W.I.P.’s bin where I keep my stash. I was a little surprised with what I found in there. Most of these should be ripped and started as something else.


This is my fuzzy pink angora scarf. The yarn is Knitting Fever Angora Extra, and there is no pattern, just simple ribbing. It was started last December…sigh.

I think this was the start of Koolhaas. The yarn is Joseph Galler Prime Alpaca. It was started for my sister’s boyfriend about three years ago, who has since received a much better hat (Sadly, there is currently no picture of it.) I’m thinking I’m going to rip this and turn it into a big fluffy scarf.

The beginning of Owls started sometime in June. I think I finished the increases on the back, but I’m not sure. This was put aside because I needed to wind up more yarn, but then I had a dream where it didn’t fit me and looked horrible, so I never picked it up again. The yarn is Berroco Peruvia.

Tangled Yoke Cardigan started in late 2007, then ripped up, then started again about a year after that. The yarn is Reynolds Whiskey. I should stop kidding myself. This yarn and pattern were never meant to be together.

My red bolero, that is not actually that red. All this needs is the sides sewn together. The problem is that while knitting this, I didn’t realize that the two yarns I used were different lots. Half the the sweater is a dark red, the other half is a lighter red. I didn’t really notice until I was under certain lighting, but it’s all I can see now. The yarn is Malabrigo Worsted.

And last but not least, a more recent project! These are two socks for my son I’m using some left over yarn to knit up. The dark blue yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy, and multi-colored one is a Kaffe Fassett design my Regia.

So those are my the projects that are hogging up my needles. Oh wait! I forgot there is also the second sock for my Sidewinders that still needs to be knit up…

Day 2: What is currently on your needles?

Demi by Kim Hargreaves from the book Rowan Vintage Knits.

I started this September 17. As of now, I have the back and two sleeves done. I really hope I’m done by Thanksgiving. It has been taking me forever and a half to knit this, since I’m constantly losing my place, or forgetting to increase/decrease/cable. I can’t wait until it is done!

(Works in Progress)

After scouring through my Ravelry queue, I decided that I couldn’t wait anymore and cast on for my own SixOneSeven knock-off version of Demi. I’m halfway done with the back and it’s working up beautifully.

Also, I decided that our home needs some fall/Halloween decorations, so that’s what I’ve also been working on. I’m still trying to decide how to dress up my “jar of witchful thinking”. 

And looking at this photo after typing this up made me realize exactly what I want to do with it!