After yesterday’s minor Thomas freak-out (yeah, it kept me up until 4am, I was so pissed,) I decided the kid needed some more toys involving females and feminine-ish guys in the mix.

  • We already know that he’s pretty cool with pegasus, so I picked him up some My Little Ponies (Rainbow Dash, Rapidfire, Gilda the Griffon)
  • A car with Wonder Woman in it
  • Jesse from Toy Story, whom he loves (He already has a small Lotso, the small Buzz was eaten by the dog)
  • Thor, Capt. America, and Black Widow - I was hoping to find Natasha by herself, but no luck. He is already familiar with Thor and Cap
  • The last thing is a Lalaloopsy mini doll (Ace Fender Bender and his pet monkey) - kind of like the Ken of Lalaloopsy it seems, of which seems to have three males.

He’s getting to the age where Batman dollhouses secret forts are going to be really cool, especially next to his megablock houses and train tracks. I just don’t want this village I plan on one day building with my son to become a giant sausage fest.

Year of the Ox lost his nose ring, has thread hanging off his eye, stains, and his nose is becoming threadbare. He is a washing machine veteran.

And because children are disgusting, Robot has been through the washing machine as well (but only once) and already his eyes are loose. He’s also pilling and linty, which is a magnet for dog hair.

  1. Camera: Kodak Z712 Is Zoom Digital Camera
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Exposure: 1/20th
  4. Focal Length: 5mm

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about the “year of the hare" stuffed animal. You guys rock, like, hardcore.

I finished my son’s year of the ox stuffed animal last night. You may be able to tell that he already added a stain by kissing it with a chocolate chip mouth.

I used the same basic pattern recipe, and the same fabric, except for the ears. I let Corben decide which fabric he wanted for that.

I’m getting better at making these. 

Fun Fact: The nose ring on the ox is my old nose ring. I had to take it out while in labor, and when I tried to put it back in afterwards, the hole closed shut. I guess my body was in healing mode, Wolverine style.

A few of my friends are expecting babies in the next few months, and while they asked for my 2-cents worth of what I liked/couldn’t live without and what I felt is totally useless, there is one subject that we approached but never delved into, and that’s toys. This is what my son taught me about baby toys.

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