Day 17: Have you ever had a project that you loved become ruined? What’s the story behind it?

The first sweater that I ever knit was the Lace Leaf Pullover by Teva Durham. I didn’t use the correct yarn (I rarely ever do.) and the yarn that I used wasn’t even in the same weight category. The pattern called for bulky, and I ended up using a sport weight, so I had to make major adjustments to the pattern. Now, I’m not good when it comes to math, especially algebra, but for some reason, if I can think of it in stitches in stead of imaginary numbers, I can do it. 

I went from using a size US 13 needle down to a size 8, and cast on numbers increased from 96 sts to 131 sts. It was snug, but I thought everything about it was perfect. When I put it on, it was warm, a little itchy, but beautiful. The first day I wore it, I had a lot of people ask me where I got it from, which is always an awesome feeling.

I was still a very new knitter, and my clothing at the time didn’t really consist of any kind of wool or “special washing instructions”. I threw that baby into the washer expecting nothing bad to happen to it. Ever. 

It felted. I couldn’t even cut it open and use it as a shrug.

The only photographic evidence that I had of it was on the old Stitch and Bitch forums. The only thing I have left of that sweater is my memory, and the notes I made on the pattern.