QuestionI love those socks, what pattern did you use? Answer

Thanks! It’s my own pattern. I have shoddy notes on my ravelry page about it, but here you go anyway:

Magic CO 16 
Increase toe until there are 72 stitches (36 on each needle) 
Start 3x1 (3 knit, 1 purl) until heel (about 1 1/2 from your heel if you try it on.)

Short row heel: 12 stitches unworked for heel before increasing (the short rows) again. 
Start cabling (3kx1px3k) on the sides of sock every 10 rounds. For more instructions on how exactly I cabled, just send me another ask.
Continue knitting until there are 10 cables. Knit 5 more rounds.

Start calf increases—>increase on each side of the middle rib section on the back of the sock. 
Do this until there are 112 stitches on needles (or 17 knit columns on back of the sock.) Knit for another 1.5-2 inches (or 19 rounds according to my needles). 

Start cuff. K1 p1 front needle (front of sock) and knit 1 purl 1 for 32 sts into back of the sock. k2tog, purl 1, 8 times, then k3tog for a total of 102 sts. Knit 1 purl 1 for last 25 sts on sock. Continue working cuff in k1p1 to desired length (mine is 4.5”.)

I finished with a sewn bind off.

Day 10: Do you have a favorite pattern or designer?

I do! The pattern that I love the most is just a standard toe-up sock pattern, nothing fancy, but easy and fast, and preferably with an afterthought heel.

These were knit a few years ago and I think I used Widdershins as a jumping off point, since the heels are not the same. Now, I just have a standard pattern that goes something like this:

Grab whatever needle size will work, usually a US # 1 or 2

CO 16 sts on each needle, using magic loop

Increase toe until I have 60 to 68 sts on needles, depending on needle size

Knit tube

Stop 2 inches before heel. Get yarn of another color and knit half a round with that. 

Continue knitting tube

If you run out of yarn for 1st sock, grab another color to knit your heel. Repeat procedure for 2nd sock.

The reason why I prefer an afterthought heel is because I ALWAYS forget how to do a short row heel and have to look it up, which really hampers on-the-go sock knitting.

As for a designer, I really like Eunny Jang (OMG, did you know she has a tumblr? It is about the most delicious looking food that you’ll ever see.) even though I don’t think I’ve ever finished one of her patterns. I think my feelings for her are that I like the presentation of her pattern, as well as the idea of what she’s going for.

Edit: Fixed the CO number. It should be 16 sts on each needle for a total of 32 sts.