My husband’s new job schedule really blows. He has two jobs, both an hour drive away and the one starts at 9am. It ends at 6:30ish pm then his other job at UPS starts at 8 pm and goes until 10 pm.

He may drive back on some nights, but he may just spend the night at my sister’s place, which is in the area, to save on gas money and sleep.

Not seeing him as often as I’m used to makes me extra horny extra cuddly when I do see him. I really miss his boner him. 

  • 2yr old: Tickle Mommy!
  • Me: Hahahaha, oh that tickles! You're tickling my tummy! Silly you!
  • 2yr old: Tickle Mommy's feet!
  • Me: I will kick you in your goddamn face.

After yesterday’s minor Thomas freak-out (yeah, it kept me up until 4am, I was so pissed,) I decided the kid needed some more toys involving females and feminine-ish guys in the mix.

  • We already know that he’s pretty cool with pegasus, so I picked him up some My Little Ponies (Rainbow Dash, Rapidfire, Gilda the Griffon)
  • A car with Wonder Woman in it
  • Jesse from Toy Story, whom he loves (He already has a small Lotso, the small Buzz was eaten by the dog)
  • Thor, Capt. America, and Black Widow - I was hoping to find Natasha by herself, but no luck. He is already familiar with Thor and Cap
  • The last thing is a Lalaloopsy mini doll (Ace Fender Bender and his pet monkey) - kind of like the Ken of Lalaloopsy it seems, of which seems to have three males.

He’s getting to the age where Batman dollhouses secret forts are going to be really cool, especially next to his megablock houses and train tracks. I just don’t want this village I plan on one day building with my son to become a giant sausage fest.

I hope everyone has a happy end to 2011 and a kick ass start to 2012. 

I will be drinking arbor mist out of a mason jar while watching the fireworks at Thunder Bluff (they’re still there, correct?)


  1. Camera: Kodak Z712 Is Zoom Digital Camera
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Exposure: 1/30th
  4. Focal Length: 5mm

Cover of my sketchbook in 2002

Looking up information about bone cancer and discover that first I must know what bones are for and why I need them. 

I’m either dreaming or at a children’s website.

Remember way back when I was planning on sewing a robot because my son learned how to say robot?

Me neither until a week or two ago when I found the pieces shoved in a box in my craft closet. I’m finally getting around to putting them together.

For the record, my son believes that gears are robot cookies. I don’t know how this happened, but it’s awesome and I will probably sew some up after the holiday.

  1. Camera: Kodak Z712 Is Zoom Digital Camera
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Exposure: 1/15th
  4. Focal Length: 5mm

Love this face.

I’ve been debating whether or not I should post this letter for a while now. It is essentially saying that I have until Spring 2013 to finish my court reporting classes or I’m screwed, unless they do decide to do the virtual campus thing, then I’m okay (until they decide that it’s not worth paying for a teacher, server space, or whatever, then I’m back to bending over and being at the mercy of my college.)

The problems:

Number 1

If everything went to according to the original plan, I would be graduating at the end of this summer. This is not the case, as I’m about a semester behind when it comes to my speeds. I should be writing at 140 words per minute, but I just reached 120 wpm.

This means I either A) reach my speeds by Fall 2012 and graduate or B) work my ass off and push myself to try to finish my realtime classes by this summer (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, oh dream life, you’re so silly) or C) get stuck on some speed barrier around 180 wpm, waste two semesters, and not make it and get dumped by my school and ruin everything for everyone. Forever.

*Note: Even if I did do what my dream life insists, I would still have to wait until fall to graduate, since that’s when they decided to have the court reporting procedures class. If the school didn’t pull this shit, the class would have been this Spring.

Number 2

"You can finish the court reporting program in two years. People do it all the time!"

That’s what they tell you. They leave out the bit that the people that do finish the program on time are the kids that are fresh out of high school, living with their parents, and have no job. They can spend their entire day on their machine if they so wish. 

If you have a job or a kid or any other responsibilities that’s contending with practice time, then you’re looking at finishing the program in three but mostly four years. The school is only going to give me three and that’s it.

Number 3

I’m burning out. I really haven’t done anything since I received this letter at the end of October. People are dropping left and right (there’s three people in our class now.) I skipped many classes, including my regular classes not related to court reporting. Every now and then, I try to do homework, but I just practice briefs and controlled writing, and skip the speed building practices. 

I let my wonderful 3.87 GPA drop to only-the-gods-know-what because of lack of motivation, unbearable pressure, and yeah, depression doesn’t help this situation at all either. I have my fancy new machine and I don’t want to touch it, or caress it’s keys, adjusting the tension ever so slightly so strokes come out perfectly. I haven’t even signed up for court reporting classes for the Spring semester yet, but it’s not like I have to fight for a spot (and I just found out that they are still making decisions on how they are holding the classes anyway.)

This week marks the last week we have classes before finals. Then we have a month long break. I honestly don’t care about anything right now, because it’s all just going to be full of suck.

*Note: I lied. I actually care about everything (even stupid small shit that I should just let go of) which leads to extra pressure and then the tears start and before you know it, we’ve just taken a left turn into the wrong side of Melodrama City. So yeah, we’ll be having a not-so-merry fuss-mas and a sobbing new year.

One day, my son will ask me to sing him a lullaby. This is what he will get in return. 

Confirmed! I just saw Templeton in my backyard. I thought I saw him a few weeks ago, but I figured maybe it was the squirrel with the messed-up/half-burnt tail that was roaming around our neighborhood last year.

Anybody have tips on catching and transporting this dude so he can begin his new life in a new place as hawk, eagle, and/or owl fodder?


The half-birthday has gotten so popular in recent years that it’s practically become a legitimate day of celebration. Now, when a kid announces, “It’s my half-birthday today!”, you’re supposed to say, “Well, happy birthday to you!!”, and when a friend sends you an invitation to attend a party…

Summer birthdays are the worst. Everybody remembers a kid’s birthday during the school year and you can hand out invitations easily. Good luck remembering to get little kid’s addresses and phone numbers of the kids that aren’t your bff. Good luck in not feeling devastated when EVERYBODY is taking that last vacation right before school starts, which happens to be the week your birthday falls on. 

I can remember about 4 times when more than two friends were able to show up for my birthday. The rest we started making family-only events, because they were reliable.

Maybe I’m just bitter. 

Maybe I need to start celebrating my half birthday instead. How does everybody feel about Feb. 27!?

So yesterday, someone taught me how to Dougie.

…for my cup of tea. I stumbled across this gem while getting some sugar at the supermarket. Seriously, it’s just as sweet as honey, tastes about the same, but it’s runnier and not as sticky.

Lunch with my best and oldest friend and heroic dungeons from the B.C. era of WoW with my Warcraft buddies and husband. Perfect <3