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Ugh I’m so sorry that your husband works for UPS.

He works for UPS at the airport, unloading/loading the plane. It’s not as bad as working at the UPS hub. From what my brother-in-law (a floating safety manager for UPS) says, “It’s the package mover utopia…about 40 people moving 5000 or so of our expensive packages for two hours. I think our videos of our warehouse work is actually taken in an airport.” 

The downside is that he does not get the educational benefits that you get from working at the hub.

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Hahaha, what’s with the butts?

I just don’t know. That was one of the reasons they seemed creepy to me. The other reason is because they don’t have faces.

These were inherited and thus why I feel slightly guilty when I think of getting rid of them. My mom loved them so much. Maybe one day they will grow on me. 

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omg. I bought that sippy cup and gave it away as a prize for one of my NYE games. Kinda wish I still had it.

We also have a spaceship one, but he wasn’t too impressed with that.