Day 30: What’s your name on Ravelry? If you don’t have a Ravelry account, why?

Myconid (it used to be LadybirdKnits). Stop by and say hello, or be my friend.

And that concludes my 30 days of knitting. Thanks to many for participating, and I had fun (and am still having fun) reading all your posts!

<3 hearts <3 

Day 29: Do you have any tips, or things that you’ve learned from knitting?

  • Knitting takes time. Whether it clicks for you in a few moments, or if it takes years to figure out what the hell is happening on those needles, it will be worth it. Don’t give up.
  • ALWAYS keep track of what you’re doing in a pattern, especially when life is trying to get in the way. I’ve lost many projects because I couldn’t find out where I was or what the hell I was doing, all due to the fact that I didn’t take notes.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a break from a stressful project and start something new. A little time and the ability to think clearly and without frustration really helps when it is time to pick up that project on hold.
  • No project is 100% lost. It just takes a little imagination and being able to accept that you may not be able to use it for the intended purpose.
  • If the label says “superwash”, you may want to hand wash it anyway. Sometimes, labels lie.

Day 28: Do you do any other crafts besides knitting? What are they, and did learning to knit come before or after learning these other crafts?

I sew and dabble in crochet. I sometimes sketch but I really haven’t picked up a sketchbook for a while. I haven’t painted since high school.

I learned to do all of this before knitting, except for crochet. I learned that because it was just “something else” I could do with yarn.

Day 27: How do you acquire most of yarn? Online retailers, local yarn shops, swaps, or large chain craft stores? What’s your favorite?

I’ve done them all, but I can honestly say that I prefer shopping at a local yarn store, because I love to feel the yarn before I buy it.

Currently, I buy my yarn mostly online. The reason: I have been followed around and closely watched and then blatantly lied to in my local yarn store. It’s extremely insulting to be thought a thief or just an unsavory customer because of short hair and a septum piercing.

Day 26: Have you ever been a part, or wanted to be a part of a knit-a-long? What was it? If not, why?

I did the Socktober Mystery Sock ‘09 and I made great progress until I got to the foot of the second sock. I took it in with me when I went into labor, thinking that I would be able to knit a little before the baby was born. It didn’t get finished until mid-December.

I did join the Knit-A-Long on Tumblr, and we’re making Shroom, a slouchy, lacey hat. I bought my yarn for it today, so yeah, I’m a little excited for it.

Day 25: Do you have a knitting book or a place where you keep patterns, ideas, size measurements? Post a picture of it!

I have a three-ring binder for free patterns off the internet, graph paper for making patterns of my own, and a little homemade on-the-go book that a friend made for me. I use it for remembering what needles I have, measurements, what yarn I want to buy, etc. 

Day 24: Have you ever made your own pattern or dyed your own yarn? How did it turn out?

I made about two patterns on my own. The first one is a Zissou hat and I have seen patterns around for this, but I didn’t know about it then, and had to measure, check gauge, and make it on my own, so it sort of counts, right?

The next pattern I made was a toy for my friend’s dog. His name is Zeus, so of course, he needed a lightning bolt. At first, his owners thought it might be a waste of time, since their dog isn’t into toys at all, but to the surprise of all, he ended up loving it. 

A few days late, but that’s okay…

Day 23: If you had the supplies (and patience) for it, what project would you start today?

I would knit Road to Golden by Lisa Shroyer, from Knitcene, Fall 2007. I’d use Reynold’s Whiskey yarn for this.

Day 22: Have you ever stricken someone off your to-knit-for list because they didn’t appreciate/take care of your last knitted gift to them?

Yes. We’ll leave it at that.

Day 21: Do you knit gifts for friends and family for the holidays or birthdays?

Sometimes I do, but I really don’t like to. The only person that I’ve knit for the holidays two years in a row is my sister, since she seems to love my socks. I’m debating on whether or not to do it again this year.

Day 20: Do you knit in public? Was anyone offended/incredibly happy/curious that you were doing so?

I guess I actually do. I usually knit in public while waiting for the doctor, or during the breaks in class. Sometimes people ask me what I’m making, and that’s it.

Several years ago, while waiting for my husband-but-then-boyfriend to get out of class, I knit in the cafeteria to pass the time and eat. A girl came over to me and gushed about knitting, how we needed to start our own knitting group, how advanced were my knitting skills, how many projects did I make, etc. Before I could really answer any of them she walks away mumbling “ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!” I never saw her again.

To this day, I still don’t know what to make of that encounter, and the only reasoning to her behavior that I have is that I was living in Pittsburgh, which is also the city where an older lady who was actually well dressed grabbed my shoulder as I was crossing the street and told me to “Beware the squirrels!”

Oh Pittsburgh!

Day 19: Do you watch movies and/or listen to podcasts while knitting? What are your favorite things to knit to?

I used to listen to several podcasts (Stash & Burn, Lime & Violet (until I got annoyed), and <3 Cast On with Brenda Dayne <3 are the main ones), but I stopped because several went on hiatus and I didn’t really think about them until now. 

When I’m knitting at home, I always need a movie or TV show in the background. Currently, my husband and I are working our way through Eureka, Stargate SG 1, Dexter, and Supernatural. I also like knitting to Fringe as well as Castle.

I have tried knitting in the movie theater before, but I was a newish sock knitter still working with dpn’s. I ended up losing one so I don’t do that anymore, even though I use extra-long circular needles now.

Day 18: Do you knit English or Continental?

English, but I would like to start working on Continental soon, because it is faster. I think I may add a few squares to my left over sock yarn quilt while working on this skill.

Day 17: Have you ever had a project that you loved become ruined? What’s the story behind it?

The first sweater that I ever knit was the Lace Leaf Pullover by Teva Durham. I didn’t use the correct yarn (I rarely ever do.) and the yarn that I used wasn’t even in the same weight category. The pattern called for bulky, and I ended up using a sport weight, so I had to make major adjustments to the pattern. Now, I’m not good when it comes to math, especially algebra, but for some reason, if I can think of it in stitches in stead of imaginary numbers, I can do it. 

I went from using a size US 13 needle down to a size 8, and cast on numbers increased from 96 sts to 131 sts. It was snug, but I thought everything about it was perfect. When I put it on, it was warm, a little itchy, but beautiful. The first day I wore it, I had a lot of people ask me where I got it from, which is always an awesome feeling.

I was still a very new knitter, and my clothing at the time didn’t really consist of any kind of wool or “special washing instructions”. I threw that baby into the washer expecting nothing bad to happen to it. Ever. 

It felted. I couldn’t even cut it open and use it as a shrug.

The only photographic evidence that I had of it was on the old Stitch and Bitch forums. The only thing I have left of that sweater is my memory, and the notes I made on the pattern.

Day 16: Have you ever had a knitting related injury? 

No, I haven’t.

That is all.