A whole fucking year later these motherfuckers are finally bearing fruit!


Peter Peppers, via Chilli-Willy

Peter peppers come from the Capsicum var. annuum family of chillies and are often referred to as Chilli Willies but are sometimes called Peter Peppers, Chilly Willy peppers or even Penis Peppers due to their phallic appearance!

The Peter Pepper itself is a very rare type of pepper originally native to the american states of Texas and Louisiana, and only really found in the private collections of very few gardeners. Peter Peppers can be easily grown from seed like any other type of pepper but that’s where the similarities end.

Up until now Peter Peppers have been grown specifically for their outrageous appearance, but what many have started to realise is that they have an incredible and unique taste, combining a sweet flavour with a powerful chilli punch, making them perfect guests at dinner parties - Just imagine serving up these little conversation starters!

They have won several awards, including Best Tasting Chilli and Most Pornographic Pepper by Organic Gardening Magazine - although they were the only contestants for rudest pepper.

I might grow one or two Ring of Fire plants this summer, but most of the backroom’s south-facing patio door will be cluttered with Penis Peppers.

Good morning

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    Good morning
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    Oh man. They’re downright adorable… planning on sharing seeds from these successes, for a price? I could, of course, buy...