Well, I actually wasn’t going to buy TS4, but since I got a $60 gift card for Origin from bf and it comes out on Sept 2…



time for haircut

My life, as drawn by Kate Beaton.

My ride home just got here. I’m not happy. (at (PHL) International Airport, Terminal F Gates)

Free sex (at Costa Maya)

at Balamku Inn on the Beach

In the distance, Structure II and Structure I, Calakmul

I’m feeling incredibly nervous. I have less than 2 days to get shit ready before I leave for Mexico. Everything is already packed, but I feel as if I’m forgetting something important.

I have my passport and plane tickets, so it’s not anything like that. I just have that feeling like there’s something I need to take care of before leaving.

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♡☆♡~Every morning, wake up to magic~♡☆♡ #unicornsareREAL #wtfjill

"I had a good dream last night, Mommy. It was about me and my good friend Voldemort…"
— My son, everybody. 


In case you missed itsesamestreet started their own version of Comic Con — Numeric Con! 

All the super cool muppets were in attendance, including Doctor Two, Fiverine, the Dark Nine, and CapTEN Kirk!

Another year, another new pair of Dr. Scholl’s. Long live comfort!

It’s been a long time since I worked a 12 hour day. I forgot how rough it is.

Dad is still in the hospital. It’s been almost a month.

On Thursday (last week) they decided to do surgery to remove the worst part of his infection from the diverticulitis. It took about two hours for the surgery, and another hour and a half in the recovery room. I took care of him for the rest of that day. My sister stayed with him that night and the following night.

His mouth was so dry it looked like he swallowed a rock. It took about four hours of my swabbing his mouth with a soaked sponge every 10 minutes or so until he was finally able to talk somewhat normal.

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  • Him: Dr called in meds for you.
  • Me: I'll be by to pick them up after my next appt.
  • **Later**
  • Him: How did the appt go?
  • Me: Good. Not pregnant! Cyst on my ovary which may have been causing the weird pains and other weirdness. Uterus and IUD still in place!!
  • Him: Always good news! I'll cancel the metal detector I ordered for you.

Having a four-year old is like having a reminder to clean my bathroom mirror and walls daily.